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7 Best Web Design Plugins for WordPress Website

Now a day, WordPress is more demanding product, though you might not think so when you first install it. That’s because WordPress’ power comes from the huge number of ways we can modify it, expand it and transform it through the apps out there.

In market, there are so many apps out there that it can be hard to know which app is the right one for you. And as some of those apps are definitely better than others, that matters.  So what are best plugins for you to use if you’re designing your page? Here is a list:

Gallery by Envira

The standard galleries offered by WordPress really aren’t all that special. They’re just basic tiles, laid out in a grid-like pattern. If you want galleries that are a bit more artistic, then you should choose Gallery by Envira.

They’re far more attractive and give you a lot more options as to how you want to put up content, with lots of different templates an easy to use and understand structure whereby you can simply drag and drop the parts you want in the position.


DragDropr lets you create, edit and website design Melbourne the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping. It does not matter which CMS you use – DragDropr fits them all.

With DragDropr, no prior knowledge or coding skills are required. You can build entire pages, or quickly change any existing content with a simple drag & drop action. Just log in to your account and edit anything you want.

All the changes you make will be stored as genuine HTML code. This helps with to improve your SEO and allows you to change your theme or template instantly. You can work on your content without any problems or visual bugs.

Slider plugin

We all know that we can’t put too much information on a page for fear of slowing down loading time or overwhelming our users and having them run screaming from our page. A good workaround is to use a slider.

These will let you showcase more content to your users, by giving them a slow but steady drip-feed of images, stories or other content.

The best slider we’ve found is called Slideshow Gallery. It’s visually appealing, easy to set up and easy to use for your visitors.


You’ve probably heard of a lot of other plugins. We’ll get to a few other ones further down. None of them, however, quite measures up to Jetpack. Why? Because though there are certainly apps and plugins that do everything that Jetpack does – possibly better in some cases – no package does it all at the same time.

Jetpack offers site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance. Even better, because it’s done by the same team that created WordPress itself, you can be pretty much sure that whatever update comes along, Jetpack will continue to function. As an extra bonus, it’s freemium so most of the software on offer comes to you without a price tag.

Gallery by Envira

The standard galleries offered by WordPress really aren’t all that special. They’re just basic tiles, laid out in a grid-like pattern. If you want galleries that are a bit more artistic, then you should choose Gallery by Envira.

They’re far more attractive and give you a lot more options as to how you want to put up content, with lots of different templates an easy to use and understand structure whereby you can simply drag and drop the parts you want in the position.


Another one of the big ones, Yoast is an incredibly important program if you want to make sure you rank well on Google, as this piece of software helps you optimize your individual pages so that Google understand what they’re about and can easily index them for your searches.

The program givers you a checklist of things to look out for that will help mage sure that your page is ready for the big world of search. If it is in order, then you’ll get a little green ball. If it could be better, it gets an orange marker and if it needs attention, then it’s red.

This will make it far more likely that the texts you worked so hard on will get the attention they deserve.

This is a freemium product, meaning that most of the functionality you’ll need comes free and only if you need advanced functions will you have to pay.

Everest forms

Do you need to collect information and data from the people who visit your site or use some aspect of it? Perhaps you want to give them the opportunity to review your product and give you testimonials, or maybe you want to see how they like certain aspects of your site.

If you do, then you should definitely check out Everest forms. It’s easy to use and yet has all the functionality you will need, allowing you to create forms with general and very specific fields through dragging, clicking and configuring.

In that way, you’ll have your forms ready in no time and you can spend your time building those aspects of your site that require more of your attention.

This plugin is free, which is a nice extra bonus.

Ultimate sharing

Something that is an absolute must if you actually want to build up traffic is the option for people to easily share your content across the social media platforms. The truth is, there are a lot of different options out there, with them all doing different things better and worse.

Still, Ultimate sharing does pull ahead of the pack. It lets you share a heck of a lot of different platforms (over 200), special animations so that they are more noticeable by your audiences and a whole host more.

Because it’s such a useful app, it gets a 4.9-star rating on wordpress.org, which is an exceptionally high rating.

WP Mush

Of course, you want a thousand and one images on your website! They’re pretty and they draw the user’s eye. The thing is, images require a lot of bandwidth, which can slow your website down if you’re not careful.

For that reason, you need plugins which will resize your images so they take up as little space as possible. The best choice in this regard is WP Smush. It will make sure that your pictures retain their high quality while compressing them effectively, so they don’t eat up people’s bandwidth.

Final thoughts

So these web design best plugins for WordPress in your list, you’ll be well on your way to making a high-quality website. Of course, you’ll have to consider a few more, like something to verify who is commenting on your websites, as well as whether what they’re throwing up there is spam or actually useful, but with these seven you’re well prepared nonetheless.

Hope you understand blog well. Stay tuned  & Keep in touch with us.

magento ecommerce web development

How To Get your Business Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season 2018


With consumers reveling in summers delight, the winter holidays have yet to register on their radar. For merchants, this is an ideal time to begin preparations for the busiest shopping season of the year. According to Adobe Analytics, according to 2017 holiday season set a high-water mark: “Online shopping sales hit a record $108.2 billion this holiday season, a 14.7 percent increase from last year.”

It’s also no secret mobile devices are playing a significant role in driving these record-breaking numbers. Adobe reports that in 2017, “Mobile shopping totaled $35.9 billion, 33.1 percent of the total $108.2 billion generated.”


According to U.S. Census Bureau “Sales dropped off 19.9 percent in Q1 2018 from Q4 2017”, making your pre-holiday infrastructure investment even more of a worthwhile investment. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations on a digital level has become a major element of driving revenue, winning customer loyalty, and expanding competitive space during the holidays. Are you equipped to deliver on the promise of omnichannel experience?

From fine-tuning website development melbourne functionality to streamlining the fulfillment process, there is a lot of ground to cover as you prepare your commerce business for the holiday shopping rush.

We’ve focused on the ‘3 Tips to Sustained Commerce Success’ which prioritize the customers brand experience, optimize the buyer’s journey, and provide tools for operational enhancements.

  1. Create a Superior Shopping Experience
  2. Fulfill the Shopper Journey
  3. Leverage Shopper Data and Business Insights

Listed for quick reference and scanning, this comprehensive eBook outlines essential insights and strategies drawn from fifteen of our most experienced commerce partners:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Bronto
  • Corra
  • DHL
  • Echidna
  • Lyons Consulting Group
  • Nosto
  • Paypal
  • Perficient Digital
  • Something Digital
  • Temando
  • Vaimo
  • Vertex
  • Weidenhammer
  • Yotpo


Merry and Memorable Shopping Experiences
Prioritizing the consumer experience to elevate engagement

Tapping Transaction Data Points
Identifying your most valuable holiday customers

Harness Omnichannel Fulfillment Tactics
Uphold the customer experience in the post-order fulfillment phase

7 Ways to Connect Online and Offline Interactions
Synching customer analysis to gain consumer insights

Holiday SEO Preparations 
Grow your online presence to convert the more seasonal shopper

These back stats will offer you a blueprint for holiday success and offer a means to “weatherproof” your operations during the post-holiday drop-off.

Content source: magento.com


Publish your new website the right way!

Distributing or introducing a site is for some website admins a standard occupation and littler destinations are regularly online inside minutes. That is the hypothesis, yet there are plenty of missteps you can do. Beyond any doubt a significant number of them are safe and the vast majority of you would name them “immaterial”. Beyond any doubt a site won’t break if the meta depiction is missing, yet how is this for your guest and Google? Like this “idiotic” misstep there are significantly more, here is my agenda, you should check for all your new destinations and furthermore existing sites where greater updates are finished.

Website URLs, links and image paths

In the event that your new site is a report on your current site, you have to divert old pages to the new URLs. It may be conceivable that your site has a totally new site structure where it’s relatively difficult to coordinate your site URLs. If so divert in any event the pages with approaching connections and pages with a considerable measure of inquiry activity to new pages from a similar subject. Do this for whatever number pages as could be expected under the circumstances, interface old terminated pages to the reacting segment or classification. In the event that your site is worked in WordPress, the Redirection Plugin is extremely useful. For most different destinations you have to include these redirection rules into a .htaccess record. Utilize 301 diverts and pass the “connection juice” to your new URLs.

The test additionally all friendly connections, if your site is huge you should utilize a connection checker device. There are numerous work area apparatuses and online administrations accessible. Attempt some of them and utilize the one which works the best for you.

On the off chance that you fabricate your site on a test area, it’s conceivable that a few or every one of your pictures point to the test area. Change these picture ways, in light of the fact that after your test area is gone you will get a considerable measure of broken picture joins.

Search Engine optimization

There are a lot of tiny things you can do to rank your site better in Google or other search engines. Here is a list of steps you should follow for all new and updated website:

  1. Create always a robots.txt and block all the files and directories you don’t like see in the Google index. Don’t forget to remove your temporary block which was added while building the site on your test location (or Google will ignore your website!).
  2. Use only the www sub-domain for your site and redirect requests from your domain to the www variant. For many people, a website’s address starts always with www. Just imagine if your inbound links start with the www variant while your site redirects them to the non-www address. Most of the link juice get lost during the redirect to the corrected URL.
  3. Check in your templates that an H1 element always exists only once. Don’t have them more than once on the same page.
  4. Add ALT attributes for all the images used on your website. Use “natural” and short descriptions for the images.
  5. Use a unique and relevant META description for all the pages you need to get indexed by Google. The META description will not help your site to rank better, but a good description will raise your CTR in Google results.
  6. Use the robots tag “noindex, follow” for all pages with non-unique content.
  7. Use canonical links for all your pages, check the information from Google if you need to know more about this link element.
  8. Use a descriptive and relevant page title (title element) for all your pages, don’t have them too long and never trash them with too many keywords.
  9. Have a Google XML sitemap and add the sitemap URL to your robots.txt file.
  10. If your website is built with WordPress be sure that you change the privacy settings (Allow search engines to index…)
  11. In WordPress, don’t use internal links without a trailing slash if your perma settings have a trailing slash.
  12. Add a “noindex” robots tag to all your RSS feeds.

Cross browser testing

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the favorite web browsers for most web developers (85% of the visitors from this blog are using such a browser). Don’t forget, there are still people using Internet Explorer to visit your websites. Test your website in the most common browsers in your field, check the most popular web clients in Google Analytics or any other web statistics software. Fix all important issues, sometimes a tiny error in IE can take a lot of time to fix it, decide if it’s worth enough to spend that time.

This is just a list of common checks, if you know more of them please share them in the comment section. Take these checks serious because your website development deserves it?

uber app cost

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Uber?

Estimating the cost of an Uber-like app is kind of moot, unless you know specifically where it’s going to be developed. Are you going to outsource? Developing an app in UK will cost you a lot more than the same project done in Australia.

Let’s have a look at some of the key types and features of the taxi uber app.

1. Passenger app

  • Booking interface
  • Register page
  • Ride history
  • Payment page
  • Push notification
  • Fare calculator
  • Rating & Review drivers

2. Driver app

  • Book a ride
  • Driver profile & detail
  • Pick up & drop location
  • Booking alert (push notification)
  • Navigation & mapping
  • Fare estimation
  • Rate Drivers
  • Booking history

3. Web Admin panel

  • Trip stats and trip reports
  • Driver stats
  • Active drivers
  • Revenue earning
  • Complaints against active drivers
  • Live events and activities
  • Approval system
  • Payment invoice
  • Mailing system
  • Current active trips
  • Sending out push notifications

These above are the basic feature for any taxi application. The taxi application will cost between $8000 to $10,000 as it is the starting application per platform. There is heavy use of GPS navigation and other heavy feature mentioned above. This is one of the most expensive applications.

Maintenance cost depends on uptil what extent you have built it. You have to keep on upgrading your app atleast every year, if we take example of Uber app then there is huge change from the first launch to current app. You have to add more and more countries and cities to it. You have to increase type of rides as well features like sharing taxi will also add to your cost. Current exact replica of Uber app might cost you $10,000 to $15000.

dating app cost

How Much does it Cost to Make a Dating App?

Speaking about the cost of dating app development, it is important to understand what affects it the most. In my experience, there are 3 main components that influence final costs:

  1. An hourly rate of your development team.
  2. A type of contract you choose.
  3. A number and kind of features you want to have in your app.

Let me say a few words about it.

Type of the app & number of features

There are dozens of ways to create a dating app so each case should be treated individually. However, in my opinion there are 7 must-have features:

  1. Authorization: to protect users’ personal data.
  2. User Profiles: to let users discover more info about each other.
  3. Geolocation: to connect lonely hearts from the same area.
  4. Discovery Settings: to set simple criteria (like distance, age and sex) and make the search process more accurate and successful.
  5. Matching Algorithms: to offer users the most accurate matching variants according to their preferences.
  6. Chat: to encourage conversation between users.
  7. Push Notifications: to keep your audience engaged.

Hourly rate dating app development

Hourly rate mostly depends on two factors:

  • Location of the development team.
  • Their experience and overconfidence.

Therefore, in my experience average hourly rates are as following:

  • North America → $180.
  • Western Europe → $120.
  • Australia → $90.
  • Eastern Europe → $40.
  • India → $25.

Infographic by Alex Sam

Type of contract

There are usually 2 main types of contract – Fixed Price and Time & Materials contracts.

The first one (Fixed Price) means that you agree on everything before the development process starts. Your expenses are also preliminarily outlined. However, it’s not very suitable for a mobile apps development and the costs in the contract are often inflated, so you overpay.

Time & Materials contracts are a better choice for a mobile development. Using this type of contract you pay for the amount of job done, so you can easily check how you spend each cent. Moreover, this model is more flexible and that allows to achieve better results.

So what about costs?

According to the estimation by StraightPath team & me, development costs for a good native dating app start from $25,000.

Blog content: Quora


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How Much Does it Cost to Build Mobile App in 2018 | Melbourne

With a constant increasing demand of mobile apps, lots of customers are wondering how much it costs to make an application. But figuring out an actual amount of money for developing a mobile app development is not that easy.

Below, we have outlined how much it costs to develop a mobile app development, considering different points in mind:

Depending On Different Features & Functionalities

As we all know, there are lots of features related to technical complications. Many of you may want such technical features in your app, in order to make it stand out in terms of features and performance. Let’s check some of the most common examples:

Backend development

As we are well aware, a backend is an operating system, allowing API to exchange data between a user of a mobile app development and a database.

Third-party integrations

some of the functionalities in mobile applications development need integration with third-party libraries, frameworks and services. Some of the functionalities, like social media sharing abilities, payment features and many more require APIs.

In-app purchases

In-app purchasing functionality can take numerous forms in various applications, with functional features, methodologies, integration into an interface and more. In-app purchase functionality is considered a complexity factor, as there are lots of tasks that must be performed for the implementation of in-app purchases.

Including hardware components

Today’s smartphones are equipped with a lot of hardware components like heart rate sensor, gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, NFC and many more. But using such components depends on the type of device and manufacturer.

Native App or Cross-platform

While estimating the cost of developing an app, it is extremely important to discuss whether you are going to develop a native application or a cross-platform. Most people opt to develop a native application in one coding language and go with a domain for different platforms to optimize time, as well as money.

You would find numerous companies that have experienced and professional developers, with special expertise in developing native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Moreover, these companies also know that going with a cross-platform development is not a good choice, as it doesn’t offer a good service.

Every single cross-platform is working with a native compiler to build a separate build towards the end of development.

Number of Screens

Currently, there are a lot of different screens’ devices obtainable on the market. The more screens an application has, the more user-experience and design work is required.

Moreover, more screens mean that various ways are available to navigate through the application – one particular screen that can be accessed in different ways, and in more than one set of conditions.

With a constant increasing number of roads, the application translates in more programming time needed to serve the different roads that can be selected by a user through the application.

Outsourcing or In-house Development

Whether you have decided to develop an application in-house or you are going to outsource it, the difference makes a huge impact on the cost of the development. Somewhere, outsourcing the project is quite similar to freelancers hoping that your developer is not going to cancel the project.

It guarantees to cost two times what you would pay to a freelancer. When it comes to considering the main reason behind this, here’s the answer: you pay company’s fees, high-quality infrastructure, retention, processes and more. Apart from this, lots of people prefer to develop in-house, as it is also necessary for fast development.

Moreover, various people consider in-house development more critical to retain the benefits. Whether you are going to outsource your project or opting for in-house development, this will affect the cost of developing your app.

Hourly Rate of Developers from Different Countries

Across the world, you can find an enormous number of application developers, each one with his own qualities. If you want to hire an app developer for your project, you should choose one with special expertise in the industry that you want to fit your app. In this way, the developer will have both the necessary experience and the knowledge to handle your project.

By hiring an expensive company or developer, you will not have any guarantee that you will get an application worthy of your money. On the other hand, affordable rate app developers can deliver excellent quality results.

Expensive rates of developers are not equal to good quality results, as lots of factors are influencing the price. Geography is one of them. Let’s give an instant look at the below mentioned graph showing hourly rate of developers from different countries:

Now you know how much developers are charging for their services country-wise.


We have emphasized different aspects that are directly or indirectly affecting the cost of mobile app development melbourne, so accordingly, we have explained each one in detail. Moreover, we have also provided information on developers’ rate from different countries, so according to your country, you can evaluate the cost for development.

If you also have an app idea in mind and want to evaluate its cost or to transform your app idea into reality, get in touch with our experienced team of mobile app developers melbourne. They can comprehend your idea and evaluate the cost of the project, offering an impeccable solution.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Website in 2018 | Melbourne

In Melbourne, website development and interactive agencies like Straight Path Solutions have to be prepared to answer to any number of business or technical questions. Questions related to website development costs are definitely the most common. Ironically, those are the most difficult to answer.

So, I thought I’d try to share some perspective on cost determinants, kind of like what we discuss directly with potential clients. The below items are important to address that I will dive into more deeply as we go on.

Functionality  – What is the main reason or reasons for building a new website? A new website project should always focus around the business goals it aims to achieve. Having a goal-oriented purpose for the website paves the way for the entire project, especially:

  • How the site is to be developed – Does website development melbourne begin with consideration toward a specific Content Management System (CMS)? In that case, which CMS? In other cases it may not start with specific tools but rather, specific functions like site architecture, user experience design or any other number of tasks.
  • What will be included in the project – Anyone hiring a website developer should define their scope, at least from a business level, so that a developer can understand what the website owner finds to be biggest functional priorities.

Who will do the development – There are a LOT of website development resources out there. A website owner has to intelligently choose a “genre” of web developer that they feel the most comfortable with. Web developers typically fall into three categories: freelancers, boutique agencies and full service agencies.

Platform Costs.

For cost evaluation, it is best to know what platform or specific tools are being considered or are required. For example, a Java website solution using CMS/Document Management solutions like OpenText, Autonomy, or Alfresco may not be plausible with a budget of only $5,000, so it is good to find out expectations as soon as possible. Platforms range from free to $10k’s.  As with most things, it just depends on what is needed to accomplish solution goals.

  • Another example: If specific needs dictate a platform, these needs may add or take away from overall costs.  The ability to be flexible when making platform decisions may allow for cost cutting…the more rigid the requirements, the less flexibility.

How to Select a Website Developer/Company

The key to selecting a website developer? Well, that is the problem. There are no guarantees, but this would be my suggestion; a website owner should pay close attention to the questions posed by the prospective website developer. They should be digging deep to understand solution goals and not just selling themselves into the developer role. The web developer’s answers to client questions are important, but more important are the probing questions the developer must ask to appropriately analyze the scenario and devise a solid, scalable end solution. Those questions will be very indicative of the developer’s understanding to the client needs.

What you can expect at various price points.

No website developer can price a project without scoping the effort to be completed. The problem is that some clients don’t know what they need and don’t know how to communicate their expectations. For that reason, I thought I’d share a few cost ranges and try to offer some basic ideas of what might be included or part of solutions containable through these budget ranges.  

Important: There is nothing industry absolute about the numbers provided. The goal is to offer a loose barometer on costs of web development. Only general assumptions should be considered takeaways, and the way Straight Path Solutions prices its web development services may be very different from the way others price themselves. Further, some projects require significantly more [or less] process and project management, developer talent, and business consulting, and these factors may end up as big pricing determinants in a real proposal.

$500 – $8,000

Platform: A free or open source [likely free] CMS (Content Management System).

User Experience and Design: Turnkey website with pre-determined user experience and a pre-built design template.

Features: Basic to Advanced website editing.

Bottom Line: If you need a basic website or advanced website and happy with the popular CMS available in the market then this is a good option. Granular roles and permissions for users; form building; navigation, SEO and friendly URL capabilities. Straight Path Solutions would be more than happy to provide you a FREE CONSULTATION ON THIS .

$8,000 – $75,000

Platform: Many options including light or medium level commercial CMS solutions. Open sources may still be the best option but decisions can be made based on needs.

User Experience and Design: Advanced UX User Experience with custom wireframe development, site architecture and creative design.

Features: All of above + mobile capabilities; customized administrative controls; advanced form building; document management capabilities; multilingual capabilities; easy content publishing; even allowing for the relating of dynamic content.

Customization: High level of customization to meet client’s exacting needs.

The Bottom Line: If you have more advanced business goals and need a much higher level of customization, this will most likely be your price range.

This type of project is representative of a great deal of Straight Path Solutions’s custom development work. We  would be more than happy to provide you a FREE CONSULTATION ON THIS .

$90,000 – $250,000

Platform: Custom Software design can often be implemented for these solutions but some clients will want to invest in commercial grade products, most often to be assured of solid support from the corporation behind the CMS. Medium-level CMS solutions are common once the ‘six figure’ budget barrier is passed.

User Experience and Design: Full UX user experience design with custom wireframe development, site architecture and creative design.

Features: All of above + custom system integration (such as ERP or CRM data sharing); mobile website development melbourne or app development; advanced multilingual deployment; user-generated content capabilities, configuration of workflow engines, etc.

Customization: High level of customization including custom integration to other systems.

The Bottom Line: If you need to tie your website into a database or ERP system, or some other 3rd party tools, this is most likely your budget range.We  would be more than happy to provide you a FREE CONSULTATION ON THIS .


$300,000 – $1,250,000

Platform: Enterprise level CMS.

User Experience and Design: Extreme UX User Experience with exacting wireframe development, site architecture and creative design.

Features: All of above + robust CMS; complex data integration; dedicated developers; full custom mobile application; social community creation.

Customization: High level of customization.

The Bottom Line: This price range is for a large organization with several stakeholders in the website, and a website that requires the features listed above.

Straightpath Solutions regularly entertains projects at this budget level, so we welcome such opportunities. In some cases, Straightpath Solutions may work with select technology partners to successfully deliver. We  would be more than happy to provide you a FREE CONSULTATION ON THIS .


Platform: Enterprise level CMS.

User Experience and Design: Exacting, tested user experience design and top of the line creative.

Features: Completely per client specification.

Customization: Completely per client specification.

The Bottom Line: This price range is for enterprise-level companies that need an online application, and the website may just be part of the overall end product. This kind of project must likely be justified by the clients’ business analysts and may require consultants of different types to fully grasp all components leading to the end goals.

This range is one relegated almost always to the full service agencies (especially the interactive agencies owned by the Big Four Ad agencies. Straight Path Solutions can discuss and consult on these projects and is happy to help as much as possible while partnering with one of these teams. We  would be more than happy to provide you a FREE CONSULTATION ON THIS .

In Conclusion

The above numbers were conceived based on 10 years of production work at Straightpath Solutions, but, we realize much more needs consideration for each budget level. While full scoping exercises must be put in place for any web development project, hopefully this blog’s readers can gain some information from the above web development cost ranges and functional descriptions. We welcome feedback in the comments section below.

For those who need help evaluating cost options for an upcoming website development melbourne project, feel free to contact us.

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How Amazon eCommerce SEO Works For Product Ranking?

In our everyday life, the term SEO takes our attention directly to Google. However, there are various other giant websites, which not only have a large user base but also have large content, have their own search engines inside of them. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll find the search option on all these websites. Hence the search engine.

But the most massively search engine that we come across in everyday life but don’t think about is of Amazon. Being home to over 562,382,295 products, Amazon is the e-commerce monster. Almost everyone now wants to sell their product online on Amazon because of its business-related services.

Amazon Associates or Fulfilment by Amazon or Kindle Direct Publisher, have made it easy for retailers and sellers to open their shop online. The more lucrative part of Amazon, which makes it awesomely different from Google is the fact that all Amazon users are buyers. The probability of generating sales and profit is 10 times more on Amazon than on Google.

Amazon E-commerce SEO:

On Google, People go to gain information or look up some facts. But on Amazon, people come specifically to buy. They have their requirement or product in mind and are ready to buy it. In simple words, whosoever has the product ranked at 1 for a keyword gets not just the click but the sale. This makes the SEO of Amazon more competitive than that of Google.

As customers have the freedom to choose between the variety that is offered to them, Amazon takes leverage by throwing before them what exactly they want. This is what attracts the customers and sellers too. But you need to have a good reputation in the Amazon marketplace to encash these benefits.

And not to surprise you, just like the search algorithms of all other sites are relatively unknown, the search algorithm of Amazon is also a mystery. But predictions based on hit and trial have revealed quiet a number of facts about the Amazon algorithm. Let us consider this one by one and get amazed by Amazon.

1.Immediate Sales Of The Product:

Amazon is very specific about its quality and that is why it has maintained itself in the top in the e-commerce market. The first factor that takes you to the top rank of any keyword on Amazon is the total number of sales or purchases that have been made for the product recently.

This implies that any product can usurp another product by having a large number of sales in a short span of time. However, to maintain its position the sales should be continuous and consistent. This rule of the algorithm is clearly visible when you search for candies in February and candies in October. You must have understood the difference.

2. Product Reviews from Verified Profiles

The second factor that makes Amazon’s search algorithm a hard but to crack is the product rating and genuine reviews of the product. Genuine reviews mean the reviews by people who have already purchased the product from Amazon and have their profiles on Amazon. Fake reviews don’t help you in rankings because amazon matches the profile from which the product was purchased and from which it was reviewed.

The product with better product rating and verified reviews, which are positive about the product, shoots to the upper level in searches. If there are negative comments or bad reviews by people who purchased it, Amazon responds by lowering the products ranking. This again shows how much Amazon banks on customer experience.

3.Sales Click Through Rate (CTR):

You must be knowing that Google calculates the Click Through Rate(CTR) for its search results. But Amazon takes it a step further. Amazon calculates the Click Through Sales rate for a given product when it appears in searches. That is, how many people clicked the product and how many of them purchased it are compared to create rankings.

In other words, if any product at number 2 position for a keyword on Amazon has good CTR (because of its attractive image) but the product of number 1 has higher CTS (because of its cost and features), then they will not exchange positions anytime sooner. As a part of Amazon SEO strategy for product ranking, optimize for CTS.

4.Keywords Are Searched In Title First

Almost all search engines rely either on Hashtags or on keywords. Amazon is no different. It operates on keywords and most of the tactics apply in a similar fashion for Amazon. You might be having a list of keywords you want to rank for related to your product. You need to place the most relevant keyword in the title, as close to the start as humanly possible.

The other keywords can be placed in the product description and other details in decreasing order of priority from top to bottom. You can even place them in Amazon’s own special keywords. How the Amazon SEO works is by searching the keyword in your title, sub title, product description, details, reviews etc. in decreasing order of priority.

5.Discounts And Coupons Boost Rank

It has been very justified for the customer to purchase a product for a discounted price if the customer needs it and is looking for it. Amazon looks after this concern the of the customers by automatically boosting discounted products or offers to the top of search results for specific keywords.

This is the easiest way if you don’t know how to rank products on page 1 of Amazon. Just add some discount or offer to your product and see Amazon’s response to it. Users love to pay less in a competitively priced market, and Amazon loves its users.

So, it is easy to utilise the unfair competitive advantage at Amazon to make more money out of it. These might not be the complete list of parameters that make the product rankings on Amazon, by you can seek guidance from them to get your products ranked. And if you have trouble doing so, you can turn to the experts – the e-commerce SEO services.

But since we are talking about Amazon, let us take a stance to analyze the technological marvel led by world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has created for the world.

Amazon Search Engine Works On Machine Learning

The mystery of ML (Machine Learning) that drives growth in the e-commerce sector is best demonstrated by the functioning of Amazon. Being one of the very few companies who have incorporated ML (Machine Learning) into their business model, Amazon is utilising it at its best.

Having a large amount of data, recorded from the past activities of the user, Amazon is now able to predict the user behaviour based on permutations and combinations. The SEO of Amazon works in a such a manner that places before the user what the user intends to buy, based on the user’s past purchasing history.

Amazon’s search results find the mid-way between what the user wants to buy and what it wants to sell, in order to boost sales and maximise profits. (By profits, we mean both the seller and the company.) They have their algos working behind to predict user behaviours and present only what they are most likely to buy.

Amazon Is Ahead Of Google And Facebook

Well, we don’t mean in terms of resources and work force. We mean the incorporation of various sophisticated machine learning algorithms of Amazon, which are brilliantly designed to manage the overall behaviour of the group of people who are visiting the website.

The fact that Amazon is selling good is incidental. It is making people buy good. So, if you are a retailer or a person looking forward to selling products online, you don’t have a competitor choice. Amazon is one platform that will give you the maximum conversions for they are aiming to have maximum conversions for them too.


First, if you are a seller and have the myth that’s most of your buyers will come from Google, just eradicate it. We empathize with the Google myopia from which most SEOs of e-commerce suffer. You people must spend a lot more energy on optimizing your products for Amazon rather than Google. And if you have a tight business schedule, It hire a low-cost e-commerce  SEO company Melbourne which fits your budget to look after it.

Secondly, Amazon too has organic and paid rankings. What we have discussed above in the 5 points is organic ranking on Amazon. We shall discuss about advertising on Amazon separately. We shall see how sponsored products appear on Amazon for a specific Search keyword.

As of now, don’t miss out selling your products on Amazon Marketplace. Many E-commerce SEO Services Agencies are doing great work in helping you to boost conversions and sales.

Amazon knows that consumers hop on Amazon only for product search. It knows that customers are very close torn he points on the purchase when coming to the website. It adjusts the things shown to the user to convince the customer into buying.

seo cost melbourne

How Much Does SEO Project Cost In Melbourne, Australia 2018?

The first thing you need to know is that SEO is both an IT and marketing services business. As such, the pricing will vary significantly from one provider to another.  IT focused companies generally complete and monitor basic SEO technical tasks, where the cost may start at $99 per month.

On the other hand, if you want SEO services to grow sales as part of a digital marketing solution, then the cost of the service will be much higher. Tailored SEO services cost significantly more due to the complexity of the project and the higher levels of expertise involved.

This is no different to other services, like an accountant, for example, where a much lower rate is paid for basic book keeping services – compared to advanced business structure advice from a partner, where a much higher hourly rate would be commanded.

How much should your business pay for SEO?

Related image

Like most marketing decisions, it comes down to what is the potential return available from your SEO investment.  If the search market available is lucrative this generally means competition will be higher and your level of investment would need to increase.

A good guide to work from is to invest a percentage of your Adwords budget, where your goal is to achieve the same cost per click (CPC) as your Adwords campaign within 6-9 months.

On the flip side, if Google doesn’t rate the would-be market for your services very highly then you may want to invest $250- 400 (+ GST) monthly into ensuring that you rank well in niche areas.

How to measure your returns from SEO

Image result for measure seo return

The price you pay for SEO should be seen as a long term investment, rather than a business expense.  The minimum time period is 6 months, with a 12 month milestone for review. SEO is a process that progressively delivers value, therefore, it doesn’t have an expiry date. This means you need to measure the returns from SEO differently than Adwords.

Are there any risks in SEO with a ranking guarantee?

Most people realise there a few guarantees in life. Stress, yes. Taxes, undoubtedly. But SEO, not so much. Obviously, if an SEO company is guaranteeing you results then they must have worked out their own winning formula before they have yours. Or they’re just flat out blowing smoke. Which means you should be wary of low price SEO services promising you out-of-this-world rankings. Sadly, most of these services just lock you into a contract and rank your site for keywords no one is searching for. Some pay-for-performance services may seem cheap in the beginning, but in the long run can be very expensive.

How to invest with confidence in SEO Services:

  • Have clear objectives and measures of success around leads
  • Pay fair value based on the potential returns available for your business
  • Have a flexible 6 month contract where you formally review performance every 6 months

The end result.

There are plenty of honest, results-oriented SEO companies out there for the choosing. It’s up to you to pick one that satisfies all your business needs, while giving your piece of mind.

Thanks for reading, and if you want more advice and information on how to buy SEO services feel free to email us.

10 Powerful Reasons To Add A Blog To Your Next Website Design

The evidence continues to stack up. Having a blog on your website generates traffic, produces leads and attracts customers. The time is now for your next website design melbourne, and make sure you include a blog for Online Marketing Success.

Not only do you need to be blogging, you need to be blogging as often as possible. The more pages you have on your website that search engines can index, the more successful your online marketing is.

More leads

Companies that blog generate significantly more leads per month than those that don’t. Not only do they generate more leads per month, as long as they continue to blog, they generate an increasing number of leads a month to month.

When you blog regularly you experience month on month traffic and lead growth.

  1. B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who don’t
  2. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t
  3. Businesses with more than 51 blog articles experience 77% more monthly leads
  4. Businesses with websites (including the blog) of 401-1000 pages get 6 times more leads than those with 51-100 pages

More website traffic

Websites that include a blog get more visitors and more overall traffic than websites that don’t.

The more frequently that blog articles are produced the more traffic the website receives.

  1. Businesses that blog have 55% more website visitors
  2. Blogging frequency has a direct and significant impact on lead generation
  3. Businesses that blog more than 20 times per month get 5 times more traffic than those that blog less than 4 times per month


Blogging gets you found. The more you blog, the more content that search engines have to index on your website, the better your search results.

Be clear on this, you can’t just blog on anything. Your blog content needs to target the keywords identified in your Inbound Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing Plan.

Blogging gets you inbound links, backlinks, the key to offsite SEO. Inbound links are generated as your blog content is shared on social media, through RSS feeds, and comments on other blogs.

  1. Businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links

Acquire new clients

Good blog content attracts prospects when they are ready to buy. Blog content should include articles designed to attract prospects who are at different stages of the buying cycle.

Blog content should be planned and is detailed in the Content Marketing Plan.

  1. Blog articles influence purchases
  2. 57% of businesses blogging report acquiring clients from blogging

Start blogging now for Online Marketing Success

The statistics tell the story, blogging works so start blogging now.

To get the full effect of blogging the blog must be associated with your domain. A blog on your domain gets your domain the inbound links and other SEO benefits. If you have a free blog on another domain, move it to your domain.

The best place for your blog is on your website. Add a blog NOW to your website. Better still get a new Website Design which has a blog integrated with it.