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How to Build Music App Like Spotify

Spotify is one of the top leading music streaming apps today & if you want to create a similar app, you will need a reputed android and iPhone app development company. Main agenda is to build a Spotify clone app but you will not want something exactly similar or a copy, you will need to have customization of your own. Hence, choose a company which is good at customization. Let’s discuss of the features functionalities that are needed in a Spotify like app.

List pf Features Music Streaming App

  • Signup/login
  • Search
  • Suggestions
  • Top song charts
  • Recently played
  • Download
  • Offline access
  • Playlist
  • Multilingual support
  • Social sharing
  • Subscription
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Radio
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Themes

How to Monetize your Music App?

There are basically two ways to generate revenue out of free apps. Keeping the app free will make sure the incoming of users is intact. Despite that making money is important and here are the ways how you can do it.

1) In-app advertisement

It is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue out of these apps. If your app is popular a simple 5-second ad would not drive the users away but it can help you make a whole lot of money out of it.

2) Premium Features

Let the users have access to the basic features and use it freely. But keep some of the extraordinary features locked up for the premium version. Charge for these features. This way the users who are looking for free will stay with your app and who are willing to pay extra for something extra will help you generate revenue.

If you are looking for a Spotify clone app development company, then straightpath solutions is one of the top leading companies in Melbourne, Australia.

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How much does it cost to develop a clone app like Amazon or Flipkart?

Flipkart & Amazon both are the best online leading eCommerce companies providing the top-class & various products to customers in different countries. Flipkart is started in Bangalore by 2-3 individuals & initially, it was selling only books online & now you can see how they enhanced their business & the different range of products they are selling in India. & Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 & selling books initially & now offering a wide range of products across the world.

Flipkart & Amazon is the World’s largest E-Commerce App Development Company, which sells a wide range of products online, including mobile, laptop,  home appliances, accessories & fashion products. Amazon was the first major company to initiate e-commerce operations, the credit for making e-commerce popular goes to Flipkart. Flipkart has been an inspiration for hundreds of Indian e-commerce ventures.

Types of Online Marketplace

  • Buyer-oriented e-marketplace
  • Resellers & Merchant
  • Supplier-oriented e-marketplace
  • Vertical & Horizontal e-marketplaces
  • Independent e-marketplace
  • eCommerce Target Audience
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • C2C (Customer to Customer)

Flipkart/Amazon like app belongs to the database app category & its cost is relatively higher than a non-database app or simple app. The key factors that decide Flipkart/Amazon like app’s cost are:

  • App Platform (&roid, iOS (iPhone), or Windows)
  • App Design
  • App size
  • App developers
  • Mobile wallet

The websites are built on a secure, powerful & affordable Shopify ecommerce platform, incorporating its beneficial features, such as:

  • ecommerce analytics & SEO;
  • shopping cart;
  • advanced product search by the name or product group;
  • a lot of payment methods;
  • live chat;
  • order tracking.

These are the key factors that you need to keep in your mind before developing an eCommerce app like Amazon & Flipkart. You need to include some of the basic features in your eCommerce app.

These are the following Features.

– Easy Registration Process

– Supports Multiple Payment Options

– Push Notifications

– Social Media Integration

– Amazing User Experience

– Review & Rating

– Wish List Button

– Easy Checkout

– Easy search & filtering

– UI/Ux design

– Product Review

– Return policy

Features that are included in Flipkart/Amazon Applications

1. Signup/Login

2. List of Products

3. Add to Cart

4. Delivery/Shipping Address

5. Order History

6. Product Tracking

7. Payment Option

8. Feedback & Reviews

If you have an idea to use an app like Flipkart/amazon your business & wants to know the exact cost based on the features, platform & etc. Hire the best mobile app development company & they can easily estimate the cost to develop an app like Flipkart/amazon for your business

If we think about both points under consideration, the cost to make a marketplace app like Amazon or Flipkart would come somewhere around any figure ask to our consult person.

Now that you have seen it all, it is time to enter the marketplace app segment. Get in touch with our mobile app development team & get started!

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Boosting Business with Mobile Applications in 2019

With more and more people going the ‘smartphone’ way, it is a great business opportunity to ensure that your product or the service is not just available on the internet but also available on the smartphone. Hiring the best mobile application developer makes great business sense as the app can ensure a seamless experience with your customers. It will bring in value addition to the experience and customer loyalty too, irrespective of the platform. Here is how a mobile application can boost your business in 2019.

  • Branding 

One of the many important aspects that needs to be taken into consideration is that of branding. An app of a product or a service which is able to offer the customer, value for money will be remembered for its impressive brand too. A unique logo will be retained for a longer time in the minds of your potential customers and will add to your brand value as well. 

  • Personalized Marketing

Mobile app versions of your business can make you achieve customer engagement via push notifications. This can be a whole new personalized experience wherein the notification is customized based on the unique preferences of the customer. They can be used to design loyalty programs as well and thus aid repeat sales and in customer retention. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Mobile applications can help solve customer queries or issues much faster than web based portals. With various mobile chatting platforms available to solve queries, interaction with customers has now become a two-way interactive process which is faster than emails thus enabling effective resolution. 

  • Additional Revenue Generator 

Mobile apps also serve as an additional revenue generator apart from the web portal that you might have for your business apart from the ‘brick and mortar’ store. It is always good to have an additional source of income that is more preferred in terms of user engagement. 

Mobile applications are quite user friendly and easy to maintain. Logging into your computers at work or at home may not be feasible at all times but accessing the same service from the privacy of your phone can be quite encouraging and easy as well. With a mobile application customized to different platforms such as android applications or any other OS, it can give your business a boost by potential customers who want to know more about your offerings. 

If you have any requirement then feel free to contact us by submitting information.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Uber?

Estimating the cost of an Uber-like app is kind of moot, unless you know specifically where it’s going to be developed. Are you going to outsource? Developing an app in UK will cost you a lot more than the same project done in Australia.

Let’s have a look at some of the key types and features of the taxi uber app.

1. Passenger app

  • Booking interface
  • Register page
  • Ride history
  • Payment page
  • Push notification
  • Fare calculator
  • Rating & Review drivers

2. Driver app

  • Book a ride
  • Driver profile & detail
  • Pick up & drop location
  • Booking alert (push notification)
  • Navigation & mapping
  • Fare estimation
  • Rate Drivers
  • Booking history

3. Web Admin panel

  • Trip stats and trip reports
  • Driver stats
  • Active drivers
  • Revenue earning
  • Complaints against active drivers
  • Live events and activities
  • Approval system
  • Payment invoice
  • Mailing system
  • Current active trips
  • Sending out push notifications

These above are the basic feature for any taxi application. The taxi application will cost between $8000 to $10,000 as it is the starting application per platform. There is heavy use of GPS navigation and other heavy feature mentioned above. This is one of the most expensive applications.

Maintenance cost depends on uptil what extent you have built it. You have to keep on upgrading your app atleast every year, if we take example of Uber app then there is huge change from the first launch to current app. You have to add more and more countries and cities to it. You have to increase type of rides as well features like sharing taxi will also add to your cost. Current exact replica of Uber app might cost you $10,000 to $15000.

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How Much does it Cost to Make a Dating App?

Speaking about the cost of dating app development, it is important to understand what affects it the most. In my experience, there are 3 main components that influence final costs:

  1. An hourly rate of your development team.
  2. A type of contract you choose.
  3. A number and kind of features you want to have in your app.

Let me say a few words about it.

Type of the app & number of features

There are dozens of ways to create a dating app so each case should be treated individually. However, in my opinion there are 7 must-have features:

  1. Authorization: to protect users’ personal data.
  2. User Profiles: to let users discover more info about each other.
  3. Geolocation: to connect lonely hearts from the same area.
  4. Discovery Settings: to set simple criteria (like distance, age and sex) and make the search process more accurate and successful.
  5. Matching Algorithms: to offer users the most accurate matching variants according to their preferences.
  6. Chat: to encourage conversation between users.
  7. Push Notifications: to keep your audience engaged.

Hourly rate dating app development

Hourly rate mostly depends on two factors:

  • Location of the development team.
  • Their experience and overconfidence.

Therefore, in my experience average hourly rates are as following:

  • North America → $180.
  • Western Europe → $120.
  • Australia → $90.
  • Eastern Europe → $40.
  • India → $25.

Infographic by Alex Sam

Type of contract

There are usually 2 main types of contract – Fixed Price and Time & Materials contracts.

The first one (Fixed Price) means that you agree on everything before the development process starts. Your expenses are also preliminarily outlined. However, it’s not very suitable for a mobile apps development and the costs in the contract are often inflated, so you overpay.

Time & Materials contracts are a better choice for a mobile development. Using this type of contract you pay for the amount of job done, so you can easily check how you spend each cent. Moreover, this model is more flexible and that allows to achieve better results.

So what about costs?

According to the estimation by StraightPath team & me, development costs for a good native dating app start from $25,000.

Blog content: Quora


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How Much Does it Cost to Build Mobile App in 2018 | Melbourne

With a constant increasing demand of mobile apps, lots of customers are wondering how much it costs to make an application. But figuring out an actual amount of money for developing a mobile app development is not that easy.

Below, we have outlined how much it costs to develop a mobile app development, considering different points in mind:

Depending On Different Features & Functionalities

As we all know, there are lots of features related to technical complications. Many of you may want such technical features in your app, in order to make it stand out in terms of features and performance. Let’s check some of the most common examples:

Backend development

As we are well aware, a backend is an operating system, allowing API to exchange data between a user of a mobile app development and a database.

Third-party integrations

some of the functionalities in mobile applications development need integration with third-party libraries, frameworks and services. Some of the functionalities, like social media sharing abilities, payment features and many more require APIs.

In-app purchases

In-app purchasing functionality can take numerous forms in various applications, with functional features, methodologies, integration into an interface and more. In-app purchase functionality is considered a complexity factor, as there are lots of tasks that must be performed for the implementation of in-app purchases.

Including hardware components

Today’s smartphones are equipped with a lot of hardware components like heart rate sensor, gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, NFC and many more. But using such components depends on the type of device and manufacturer.

Native App or Cross-platform

While estimating the cost of developing an app, it is extremely important to discuss whether you are going to develop a native application or a cross-platform. Most people opt to develop a native application in one coding language and go with a domain for different platforms to optimize time, as well as money.

You would find numerous companies that have experienced and professional developers, with special expertise in developing native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Moreover, these companies also know that going with a cross-platform development is not a good choice, as it doesn’t offer a good service.

Every single cross-platform is working with a native compiler to build a separate build towards the end of development.

Number of Screens

Currently, there are a lot of different screens’ devices obtainable on the market. The more screens an application has, the more user-experience and design work is required.

Moreover, more screens mean that various ways are available to navigate through the application – one particular screen that can be accessed in different ways, and in more than one set of conditions.

With a constant increasing number of roads, the application translates in more programming time needed to serve the different roads that can be selected by a user through the application.

Outsourcing or In-house Development

Whether you have decided to develop an application in-house or you are going to outsource it, the difference makes a huge impact on the cost of the development. Somewhere, outsourcing the project is quite similar to freelancers hoping that your developer is not going to cancel the project.

It guarantees to cost two times what you would pay to a freelancer. When it comes to considering the main reason behind this, here’s the answer: you pay company’s fees, high-quality infrastructure, retention, processes and more. Apart from this, lots of people prefer to develop in-house, as it is also necessary for fast development.

Moreover, various people consider in-house development more critical to retain the benefits. Whether you are going to outsource your project or opting for in-house development, this will affect the cost of developing your app.

Hourly Rate of Developers from Different Countries

Across the world, you can find an enormous number of application developers, each one with his own qualities. If you want to hire an app developer for your project, you should choose one with special expertise in the industry that you want to fit your app. In this way, the developer will have both the necessary experience and the knowledge to handle your project.

By hiring an expensive company or developer, you will not have any guarantee that you will get an application worthy of your money. On the other hand, affordable rate app developers can deliver excellent quality results.

Expensive rates of developers are not equal to good quality results, as lots of factors are influencing the price. Geography is one of them. Let’s give an instant look at the below mentioned graph showing hourly rate of developers from different countries:

Now you know how much developers are charging for their services country-wise.


We have emphasized different aspects that are directly or indirectly affecting the cost of mobile app development melbourne, so accordingly, we have explained each one in detail. Moreover, we have also provided information on developers’ rate from different countries, so according to your country, you can evaluate the cost for development.

If you also have an app idea in mind and want to evaluate its cost or to transform your app idea into reality, get in touch with our experienced team of mobile app developers melbourne. They can comprehend your idea and evaluate the cost of the project, offering an impeccable solution.

Top Leading Android App Development Services Melbourne

Android Development Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne– If you are looking for mobile app development company than you are at right place. We offer Android Application Development services to local small, medium and large businesses. We build customized Android apps that suits your requirement and device capability. Our Android app developers and testers are well-equipped to handle the latest Android application development processes and new emerging trends in the Android market.

We are able to design and develop Android apps of any size which get results. All our apps are scalable for growing businesses. Our team has worked on many Android apps including internal staff tools, field staff mobile data collections, mining construction project tools etc. providing valuable, real-time data analysis and integration with existing software systems. Get in touch with us to move way from inefficient paper based system to mobile app based solutions for your business.

We deliver successful mobile Apps – Android app development services:

Your app can be a business app that enhances productivity, a Multimedia app with rich UI’s  or a Utility app for specific functions. We offer skilled Android application development services which are feature-rich and low cost. Android developers at Straightpath Solutions develop apps using latest technologies and trends of google play services and android SDK. Our app makers are skilled not just to develop the app we believe in providing business solutions.

Android Development Technologies:

Android App Developer in Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne : Call today!

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Beyond mobile – Partner in Innovation – Android mobile application development Melbourne

Contact us TODAY. Talk to  Straightpath Solutions melbourne based Android app development company to help you achieve your business objectives.  Straightpath Solutions is Australian own company based in Brisbane, we have successfully delivered many Android projects over last 5 years to many clients all over Brisbane Melbourne, Sydney and many other cities. If you would like to speak with one of our Android App Developer or consultant then don’t hesitate to give us a ring on +6143 3190 300 or fill out the enquiry form.

Get in touch with our mobile application team for free consultation for your Android mobile application.

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Boost your Customer Base with App Development in Melbourne

Today everyone is fond of applications that help them to deal with the things rapidly. Whether you are using mobiles, laptops or other devices, these apps can make your task easy and trouble free. It requires all the information that you require even in the traveling as well. It enables you to control and everything at their fingertips. And that may be the major reason for its continuously growing popularity in the youngsters. If you also fond of such applications, then Straightpath Solutions is the ultimate destination for you. You can also choose them for SEO Melbourne service.

Straightpath Solutions is the prominent app development company that offers excellent apps for your convenience. Our expertise enables us to create brilliantly designed and user-friendly applications for your business. We also offer reliable ideas to develop fast and smart applications for every leading corporate who want to add more consistency in their business. We hold inspiring experience in creating and developing apps for different platforms by using latest tools for development, project management and testing of the applications. We are committed to produce the end-to-end solutions and extreme quality app services to the customers.

Mobile application is such software that specifically used for the mobile devices. These applications also enhance the performance and functionality of the mobiles. Whether you have an Android phone, smart phones, IOS and so on, you can take the benefit of these applications. Even entrepreneurs can also get advantage from mobile applications because it can work as a bridge between the customers and service providers.


  •  A mobile app is an ideal option for marketing and business. You can create a shopping or other business app and can take your business to the next level. In short, you can easily do business globally with these mobile apps.
  •  Unlike web applications, mobile apps are also very easy to install and use.
  •  You can access this application from your Android, Smartphone, and IOS mobile devices.
  •  Mobile applications also assist you to handle the complex calculations and reporting data seamlessly.
  •  Also, it also allow to access it even without internet connectivity


The desktop application is also an excellent and efficient technology that can use with or without internet facility. It allows the developer to employ at any framework that makes this application more reliable and efficient. Most of the time people use it with the desktop and laptop devices. Word processor and media player is the best example of the desktop app development.


  •  Desktop applications can run online and offline as well that gives you rich experience to use this application.
  •  It also never requires third party server to deal with your information or data. In short, you have full control over your data.
  •  It also allows you to backup and restores your data.
  •  You can load apps and an operating system to the device.
  •  Your whole work will computerize and automatic.
  •  You don’t need to save manuals with such applications
  •  Your business will be centralized .
  •  It is just like less cost and more efficiency and more security.
  •  You will manage correspondence and communication data of your business.


These are the major reasons to choose app development melbourne for your valuable business. Now, it is up to you to take a decision to pick the right type of the app development for you. If you still have any doubts and query, then you can also directly contact us. Our experts are always there for your assistance.

How Mobile App Benefits Travel and Tourism Industry

It’s a handy companion tool available for travelers in smartphones. They can organize and discover travel resources and plan accordingly in the app itself. This is why the demand of travel apps is increasing in a lightening fast. Hence, the travel industry boasts myriad opportunities to grow big in their dedicated business.

Not just that, but the mobile apps are also known for playing many other roles in the travel industry. It has proved its potential. For this reason, the travel companies are rushing to invest in mobile applications today. Let’s see what are they:-

1. Provides customized services to suit traveler needs

The mobile apps are the best source to target the customers and engage them with your service. These days, people are more attentive on their smartphones. Hence, travel companies have started delivering customized services. Services that would fit the traveler’s exact needs like accommodation, packing, airline booking, etc.

The linchpin of customized services is to understand what a customer is looking for. You have to find out the specific requirements that the travelers need for a trip. Based on the understanding you can provide features that they would look for while they are on the move.

Have you ever used SkyScanner, TripIt, PackPoint, TripAdvisor, HERE Maps, LiveTrekker, Google Translate? These are the most successful mobile apps who deliver to fit the traveler’s exact needs. They are the benchmarks for other travel companies out there.

It’s all about giving travelers whatever they want. It will enhance their experiences, before, during and after traveling. Thus, it increases the need for mobile app development for the travel industry. Find out more travel apps that are successful this year. Also, those are evolving the travel industry exponentially.

2.Bridge the gulf between travelers and travel service providers with a strong connectivity

The app does its magic, so if you play your cards right, then the customers will find you. Mobile apps are connecting the gap between the travelers and the travel service providers. There’s a smorgasbord of facilities available in mobile apps for travelers. Be it for searching, planning, booking or choosing packages, everything is under one platform. It promises to cut back on the travel hassle by combining the trip plans into a simple itinerary.

App users would get regular updates on their smartphones about booking details, hotel availability, etc. They get updates and information through message alerts and push notifications. It automatically digs through their inbox for sending alerts throughout their trip. It helps travel companies to build strong connectivity with the travelers.

3.Its robust features ensure an amazing experience with worry-free vacation

Proper planning makes all the difference between a stressful trip and a hassle-free vacation. In making a proper holiday plan, mobile apps play the most important role. There are so many requirements of traveling. From choosing a bus and flight to staying in a guest house and lavish star hotels. Thrilling bungee jumping and scuba diving to visiting stunning places. Without a mobile app, it can seem like a difficult decision to choose and plan a trip. Fortunately, the smartphones with its life-saving travel apps are here to help. Well, all thanks to the travel industry.

Earlier it was more and more challenging to connect with the travel service providers. But now, mobile apps make it easier. It has become the best option for the avid travelers in a small-time. There is no shortage of mobile applications when speaking about a hassle-free experience. LoungeBuddy, Expensify, Airbnb are a few of them with which travelers plan the vacay by their own. They can access to the comprehensive information of holiday destinations in the app. They can discover, book and experience the world with exciting deal packages. For this reason, they are more fond of such kinds of mobile apps to make use of.

4.Exciting offers for those with mobile apps grabs the customer’s attention

It has become much easier for travelers to quench their wanderlust with the scope of mobile apps. Yet, there are thousands of travel-related apps out there. Although, your app has to stand out among them to get more business. Providing exclusive offers with exciting deal packages would attract more customers.


Does your travel industry need a mobile app that can help drive your business to the next level? Contact Straightpath Solutions. We are among the top mobile app development companies with 7 years of expertise. We have created many successful Android and iOS apps under our belt.

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How To Hire Developer from a Top Mobile App Development Company

In today’s competitive mobile market, app development is playing an increasingly significant role. There is no sign of slowing in the growth of mobile apps too. There is no indication of moderating in the development of versatile applications as well. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have an application thought and need to get it grew soon, you should decide your application improvement necessities in any case.

Getting down to brass tacks, there is a lot goes into a mobile app development. Hence, it is always recommended that you hire experienced developers. So, it’s always good to outsource the project to a reputed mobile app development company. However, if you have any plans of hiring freelancers, we will suggest you thinking twice. Because there is another option that you can opt for and that is to hire iOS and Android app developers from a reputed mobile app development company in Melbourne. There are various advantages of hiring mobile app developers from an agency.

Let’s get into it and understand the various benefits of going with “Mobile app developers for hire” option.

1. High-end to end security

When you develop an application from a mobile app development company, whether outsourcing or hiring their developers for a selected time period, they will take the responsibility of security loopholes. Your project and data are highly secured. You will get the project done within the given time and budget.

2. Availability

When you hire a developer from the app development company, they will make sure that your project will be done as it has been promised. Even though the person who was developing your app fall sick or somehow unable to finish the project, the company melbourne will submit it to the other developer who can get it developed in time. So, you don’t have to worry about the availability of the developer.

3. Professionalism

You may need someone who possesses the best skill set in developing mobile apps. Hiring app developers from a mobile app development company melbourne gives you the ability to bring in an expert for your project. A mobile app development company will have a team of intelligent and tech-savvy developers, who are expertise in their work.

4. Let’s you stay focused

Hiring a mobile app developer from an company melbourne gives you enough time to stay focused on the other things. You will get enough time to focus and plan a strategy for mobile app marketing, promoting, launching, and publishing it beforehand.

5. Resources

You don’t have to worry about the resources required for the app development. As the developer hired by you will have all the necessary resources for the development which would be provided by the company.

6. Keep an eye on your project

Mostly, mobile app development companies give access to the work progress, daily activity and project charter of the developer to their clients who are working on it, like straightpath solutions. It’s like you have your own mobile app developer working for the app project.


All you have to do is just post your app development project or contact to a reputed mobile app development agency who provides “mobile app developers for hire.” straightpath solutions is one of the most reputed and top mobile app development companies who also provide talented developers for hire. Our developers have expertise in developing awesome mobile apps for iOS, Window and Android platforms. They are the most intelligent, proficient and dedicated mobile app developers. We are well-known for providing development services at its best, be it for outsourcing or for hire.