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How much does it cost to develop a clone app like Amazon or Flipkart?

Flipkart & Amazon both are the best online leading eCommerce companies providing the top-class & various products to customers in different countries. Flipkart is started in Bangalore by 2-3 individuals & initially, it was selling only books online & now you can see how they enhanced their business & the different range of products they are selling in India. & Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 & selling books initially & now offering a wide range of products across the world.

Flipkart & Amazon is the World’s largest E-Commerce App Development Company, which sells a wide range of products online, including mobile, laptop,  home appliances, accessories & fashion products. Amazon was the first major company to initiate e-commerce operations, the credit for making e-commerce popular goes to Flipkart. Flipkart has been an inspiration for hundreds of Indian e-commerce ventures.

Types of Online Marketplace

  • Buyer-oriented e-marketplace
  • Resellers & Merchant
  • Supplier-oriented e-marketplace
  • Vertical & Horizontal e-marketplaces
  • Independent e-marketplace
  • eCommerce Target Audience
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • C2C (Customer to Customer)

Flipkart/Amazon like app belongs to the database app category & its cost is relatively higher than a non-database app or simple app. The key factors that decide Flipkart/Amazon like app’s cost are:

  • App Platform (&roid, iOS (iPhone), or Windows)
  • App Design
  • App size
  • App developers
  • Mobile wallet

The websites are built on a secure, powerful & affordable Shopify ecommerce platform, incorporating its beneficial features, such as:

  • ecommerce analytics & SEO;
  • shopping cart;
  • advanced product search by the name or product group;
  • a lot of payment methods;
  • live chat;
  • order tracking.

These are the key factors that you need to keep in your mind before developing an eCommerce app like Amazon & Flipkart. You need to include some of the basic features in your eCommerce app.

These are the following Features.

– Easy Registration Process

– Supports Multiple Payment Options

– Push Notifications

– Social Media Integration

– Amazing User Experience

– Review & Rating

– Wish List Button

– Easy Checkout

– Easy search & filtering

– UI/Ux design

– Product Review

– Return policy

Features that are included in Flipkart/Amazon Applications

1. Signup/Login

2. List of Products

3. Add to Cart

4. Delivery/Shipping Address

5. Order History

6. Product Tracking

7. Payment Option

8. Feedback & Reviews

If you have an idea to use an app like Flipkart/amazon your business & wants to know the exact cost based on the features, platform & etc. Hire the best mobile app development company & they can easily estimate the cost to develop an app like Flipkart/amazon for your business

If we think about both points under consideration, the cost to make a marketplace app like Amazon or Flipkart would come somewhere around any figure ask to our consult person.

Now that you have seen it all, it is time to enter the marketplace app segment. Get in touch with our mobile app development team & get started!

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