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How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Uber?

Estimating the cost of an Uber-like app is kind of moot, unless you know specifically where it’s going to be developed. Are you going to outsource? Developing an app in UK will cost you a lot more than the same project done in Australia.

Let’s have a look at some of the key types and features of the taxi uber app.

1. Passenger app

  • Booking interface
  • Register page
  • Ride history
  • Payment page
  • Push notification
  • Fare calculator
  • Rating & Review drivers

2. Driver app

  • Book a ride
  • Driver profile & detail
  • Pick up & drop location
  • Booking alert (push notification)
  • Navigation & mapping
  • Fare estimation
  • Rate Drivers
  • Booking history

3. Web Admin panel

  • Trip stats and trip reports
  • Driver stats
  • Active drivers
  • Revenue earning
  • Complaints against active drivers
  • Live events and activities
  • Approval system
  • Payment invoice
  • Mailing system
  • Current active trips
  • Sending out push notifications

These above are the basic feature for any taxi application. The taxi application will cost between $8000 to $10,000 as it is the starting application per platform. There is heavy use of GPS navigation and other heavy feature mentioned above. This is one of the most expensive applications.

Maintenance cost depends on uptil what extent you have built it. You have to keep on upgrading your app atleast every year, if we take example of Uber app then there is huge change from the first launch to current app. You have to add more and more countries and cities to it. You have to increase type of rides as well features like sharing taxi will also add to your cost. Current exact replica of Uber app might cost you $10,000 to $15000.

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Boost your Customer Base with App Development in Melbourne

Today everyone is fond of applications that help them to deal with the things rapidly. Whether you are using mobiles, laptops or other devices, these apps can make your task easy and trouble free. It requires all the information that you require even in the traveling as well. It enables you to control and everything at their fingertips. And that may be the major reason for its continuously growing popularity in the youngsters. If you also fond of such applications, then Straightpath Solutions is the ultimate destination for you. You can also choose them for SEO Melbourne service.

Straightpath Solutions is the prominent app development company that offers excellent apps for your convenience. Our expertise enables us to create brilliantly designed and user-friendly applications for your business. We also offer reliable ideas to develop fast and smart applications for every leading corporate who want to add more consistency in their business. We hold inspiring experience in creating and developing apps for different platforms by using latest tools for development, project management and testing of the applications. We are committed to produce the end-to-end solutions and extreme quality app services to the customers.

Mobile application is such software that specifically used for the mobile devices. These applications also enhance the performance and functionality of the mobiles. Whether you have an Android phone, smart phones, IOS and so on, you can take the benefit of these applications. Even entrepreneurs can also get advantage from mobile applications because it can work as a bridge between the customers and service providers.


  •  A mobile app is an ideal option for marketing and business. You can create a shopping or other business app and can take your business to the next level. In short, you can easily do business globally with these mobile apps.
  •  Unlike web applications, mobile apps are also very easy to install and use.
  •  You can access this application from your Android, Smartphone, and IOS mobile devices.
  •  Mobile applications also assist you to handle the complex calculations and reporting data seamlessly.
  •  Also, it also allow to access it even without internet connectivity


The desktop application is also an excellent and efficient technology that can use with or without internet facility. It allows the developer to employ at any framework that makes this application more reliable and efficient. Most of the time people use it with the desktop and laptop devices. Word processor and media player is the best example of the desktop app development.


  •  Desktop applications can run online and offline as well that gives you rich experience to use this application.
  •  It also never requires third party server to deal with your information or data. In short, you have full control over your data.
  •  It also allows you to backup and restores your data.
  •  You can load apps and an operating system to the device.
  •  Your whole work will computerize and automatic.
  •  You don’t need to save manuals with such applications
  •  Your business will be centralized .
  •  It is just like less cost and more efficiency and more security.
  •  You will manage correspondence and communication data of your business.


These are the major reasons to choose app development melbourne for your valuable business. Now, it is up to you to take a decision to pick the right type of the app development for you. If you still have any doubts and query, then you can also directly contact us. Our experts are always there for your assistance.